Storyland of the Stars

Slow down and create a beautiful, meaningful quilt to cherish for years to come...

An 18 week sew-along creating 9 beautiful needle turn hand applique blocks. Finished quilt size: 36 x 36 inches 


Join me on this magical journey as we step into
the enchanting world of sewing the stars…

*The first block will be released on 17th September*


What is the 'storyland of stars' all about?

The quote above perfectly encapsulates the simplicity that hand applique provides. The art of layering fabrics together in a decorative way by using the calming rhythmic flow of needle and thread is pure magic and simple joy.

 Throughout the months of Autumn and Winter, we will create simple moments of quiet and stillness through hand sewing 9 hand applique blocks. When we create quilts, each one has its own meaning and purpose. 'Storyland of the Stars' is about the quilt representing your own personal story. As you create each star inspired block it will become a representation of something that is meaningful to you, either capturing a memory, a specific moment in time or representing someone special to you. We very often sew our memories into a quilt, sometimes without even realising it, so this sew-a-long will be more intentional with creating our own memorable quilt to cherish for years to come.

 Each block pattern will be released every 2 weeks so that you have a chance to complete each one with time to enjoy the process, but keeping the momentum going. All 9 blocks measure 12 x 12 inches finished, so the full quilt will be the perfect lap size at 36 x 36 inches. It might look like it is constructed with traditional pieced method, but all the shapes will be hand appliquéd. It will give the final quilt a completely different look and stunning handmade quality.

'storyland of the stars' Sew-along


One-off payment

✧ 18 week sew-along to create a 36 x 36 inch quilt
✧ 9 Needle turn hand applique block patterns released every 2 weeks
✧ PDF Digital downloadable patterns & video tutorials
✧ Sewful community group to share progress
✧ Guidance and support throughout the sew-along for an enjoyable experience.

Can I create the quilt differently?

Absolutely! Every pattern is really only a guide for you to follow, especially with hand applique. This quilt pattern is no different, and there are a couple alternative ways you can create it with fabric. The image on the left is created with the idea of using fat quarters, particularly great if you have a specific fabric range from your favourite designer in mind. By choosing 5/6 different options for your applique shapes you'll get a finished quilt that has a lovely cohesive look to it. The image on the right is a rough example of creating a more scrappy looking quilt and the perfect opportunity to use up left-overs from previous projects. Each block will come with exact sizes of fabric you'll need to cut out your applique shapes, so you can know exactly what you can use. The colouring diagram will be useful to help give you a bit of guidance. You'll be able to plan what colours to use in each block as you work your way through each pattern. Let your imagination run wild!


✧ A beautiful handmade quilt that will have special meaning within every stitch, shape and through every colour.  

✧ The opportunity to improve your hand applique skills and feel more confident with the technique.  

✧ A chance to take time for yourself on a daily basis to slow down and feel relaxed in creating something with your hands.  

✧ Meeting and connecting with likeminded makers who enjoy the simple things in life and share your passion for hand sewing.  

✧ A sewful community page to share your progress, celebrate each others work and is far removed from the hamster wheel pace of social media channels.  

✧ A portable project that gives you the freedom to stitch anywhere. 



One-off payment 


Frequently Asked Questions

The sew-along will officially start when you receive your first block on the 17th September 2022. Then every two weeks after this date you will receive another block pattern. In total you will have 9 blocks created over an 18 week period to create a 36 x 36 inch quilt. You will have access to the sew-along page before this date to download your colouring diagram and other resources. As well as this you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions in the community page - and meet fellow sewers!

This sew-along is aimed at confident beginners, but if you have some experience of hand sewing, even a little bit, you can definitely do it! Alternatively you can take my online, on-demand course which goes through everything you need to know to master the needle turn technique and a couple of extra techniques. It would be useful as you can refer to the short video tutorials as you're working through each of the blocks. 

Absolutely! You can do raw-edge machine appliqué or prepared edge applique- whatever you enjoy the most. I love the process of needle turn hand applique so I write all my patterns with this in mind. If you wanted to use another method you might need more of less fabric than suggested above. 

Not at the moment, this will run as a bi-weekly sew-along so each block pattern will be released over an 18 week period.

Yes, all the content will be released as a bi-weekly programme from the 17th September 2022. So if, for example, you decide to join on the 26th October you will have access to the course page with any blocks available up until the date you join.

Of course! I want this to be an enjoyable process for you so don't feel stressed if you can't keep up with some of the blocks. As long as you focus on prepping all your blocks, you can work on each of them a bit at a time. The beauty of hand appliqué is you can do it anywhere. Even if you only have 5 minutes a day to sew you'll soon be completing each block. Just try your best to keep the momentum going and I will be encouraging you throughout!

You can find fabric requirements in the table above and also a couple of suggestions of alternative colour ways. Once you sign up you will also have a printable fabric organisation sheet with measurements and colouring diagram so you can get prepped before the release of the first block pattern on the 17th September.

Due to the nature of digital items, we cannot offer refunds as they are non-returnable.

Yasmeen is the designer and maker behind Sand & Stars. She designs and creates hand applique patterns, tutorials and runs workshops. Sand & Stars patterns have been featured in the UK’s top quilting magazines, Today’s Quilter and Love Patchwork & Quilting. Yasmeen’s passion is for everyone to learn how to do needle turn hand applique, to build skills, confidence and enjoy this therapeutic technique whilst creating beautiful projects.